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Holistic Food Introductions is a 5-Part eBook Series for Starting Solids written with love by a mom and Nutritionist, Lisa Hewitt.

This 100+ page eBook series covers all methods for starting solids with a keen focus on fresh, vibrant, and real food for baby. Lisa simplifies what may feel overwhelming by providing a rich understanding about how to navigate some of the conflicting opinions for which strategy, philosophy, or foods are truly best while allowing parents to find a method that feels right for their family.

You have not missed the boat if you have already started solids. I got my hands on the series when Eliana was already 9 months old and I learned so much valuable knowledge that will play a huge role in her health and wellness going forward. Holistic Food Introductions is ideal for all babies between the ages of 0 – 24 months.

I'm honored to share a discount code with all of you mamas for this eBook series. Feel free to use the code "nutty10" at the checkout to save yourself 10%. 



The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program with Meghan Telpner

One question that I often receive is "How the hell do you know everything you know?" My response is a substantial amount of research, personal experience, and a whole lot of Meghan Telpner. Meghan is a thriving Nutritionist and author. I was first introduced to her when I stumbled upon her "UnDiet" book at Indigo. I instantly fell in love with her work, her philosophy, and her energy. In Spring of 2014, I took her online Culinary Nutrition Expert program. It was a 14 week course that truly changed my life. If you are passionate about food and nutrition, this is the program for you. Her course stands out from anything else I have ever seen as it combines nutritional theory with hands on culinary development that focuses on creating healing foods. Her program allowed me to develop meals that both scientifically and holistically support my health.

This is a program for anyone wishing to invest in their own health, the health of their friends, family members, and clients. Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Personal Trainers, Life Coaches, and other professionals are all able to upgrade their credentials and gain true culinary confidence that can support their careers in unimaginable ways. Above all, it will leave you with the ability to live an eternal healthy lifestyle and it will teach you how to become a teacher yourself. The Culinary Nutrition Expert program allows you to make a difference. We are changing the world, one CNE graduate at a time.