WELCOME and thank you for stopping by.

I’m Chantal and I live in Winnipeg, Canada which makes me a prairie girl at heart. I just recently retired from practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist in order to stay home and raise my first born, Eliana. I have been involved in the healthy lifestyle community for 5 years now.

I discovered this whole new world on my ventures to aid my chronic digestive problems. It was not until I realized that my diet contributed greatly to my discomfort that I was able to start healing, both inside and out. Once I learned all that we can create and enjoy with real, whole foods-I was in complete awe of nature and all that it has to offer. I gained a vibrant love for cooking and baking. The passion I quickly developed for healing foods was unstoppable-and it showed. My acne prone skin cleared up, the arthritis in my hands completely disappeared (I was 26 and developed arthritis from repetitive use with massaging). I lost weight, I gained mental and physical confidence and clarity, and my digestion has never been better.

In spring of 2014, I took Meghan Telpner's online Culinary Nutrition Expert course which equipped me with a whole new set of holistic skills. I learned the fundamentals of nutrition, how to cook and bake using only healing foods, and acquired recipe development expertise. Above all, I was able to learn how to truly live a healthy lifestyle that went beyond what was on my plate. And I gained the knowledge and confidence to share it with, and teach others as well.

I am honoured and proud to write for two influential brands in the health and wellness community. I have been writing for Cameron Diaz’s “The Body Book” website for 2 years now and I recently just started developing infant and toddler friendly recipes for Canada’s own “Love Child Organics” website.

With the birth of my daughter in May of 2016, I have further become fascinated with infant nutrition. One of the milestones I cherished the most was introducing her to solids. I enjoy creating hand-made baby food recipes for her-and her baby friends, with all my love. I am so passionate about developing meals for little’s using only wholesome ingredients that I am in the midst of making a 0-24m recipe eBook.

Aside from spending most of my spare time in the kitchen, I also love pouring my heart about the ups and downs of motherhood, my personal experiences in my organic journeys such as pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing, and aim to be as real as it all really is. I am drawn to honesty, realism, and relatable individuals who also share all that life has to offer. Our family time is a high priority, and we live for summer in the prairies. You can catch me browsing farmer's markets and finding any excuse to hit up a cafe.