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I am honoured to help advance the health and wellness movement in any way I can.  I offer a variety of services and I’m always open to new business prospects. Don’t be shy-if you don’t see what you are hoping for down below in the menu, please don’t hesitate to contact me-I’d love to hear what you have in mind!

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  • I am available for guidance on personal recipe development, taste testing, and recipe contributions via guest blog posts and magazine articles. I can also provide nutrition and healthy living write ups.


  • I would love to collaborate with you and offer product raves and reviews so as long as I truly adore your item and your product fully compliments Nutty4Nutrition’s lifestyle. I will not support something I would not personally use. Please keep in mind that I’m here to encourage honest and holistic living-I have zero tolerance for fads or gimmicks.


  • This is where the magic happens. I interview you and where you currently stand in all aspects of your lifestyle including diet, fitness, and stress management. Together we collaborate and create a tailored and realistic Goal Vision Board. There are no fad diets or cleanses involved-simply a proactive plan made specifically for you. This Goal Vision Board is your foundation to creating a new lifestyle full of inner and outer beauty. Please note that this is not a meal planning service but it would pair perfectly with that option. Details on meal planning are below.


  • The supermarkets are set up to persuade us into purchasing all those processed foods that are detrimental to our health. I would love to accompany you on your next shopping trip and guide you in the right direction. Along the way I will educate you on the importance of understanding whole foods and ingredient labels. Our shopping date will be sure to leave you with confidence when it comes to feeding yourself and your loved ones. *I will also provide you with a grocery list.


  • My meal plans will help with weight loss, inflammatory conditions, cravings and mindful eating, and proper nutritional balance. Whatever your personal interest may be for working with me on a plan, please know that I am interested in overall optimal health for you and your family.  This is about the rest of your life. I can create a week or two’s worth of a meal schedule that will support you with ideal nutrition. I will tailor this plan to your lifestyle and will be sensitive to any allergies or restrictions you may have. You will receive a short questionnaire prior to planning in order for me to create your perfect schedule. I will also provide you with guidance on how to create your own meal plans.

*Please note-I do not offer full out meal preparation services but will be glad to help you one on one with essential meal prepping methods. This is included in the option below.


  • I’d love to work one on one with you (or you and small group of friends) in your kitchen. Let me help you conquer your food preparation fears. I can offer life changing tips on how to prepare ingredients in advance and keep them fresh. No rotting food as long as I’m involved! We will learn all about batch cooking and making new and exciting meals from leftovers. I will show you healthier substitutions to the not-so-fabulous but common kitchen ingredients and by the end of it all-you’ll be a pro.  


  • Invite me into every corner of your kitchen and let me perform my makeover magic. I will teach you how to organize your pantry to ensure optimal use. I will also go over your staple food items with you and offer you healthier modifications. Let’s create a zone of Zen for you. If we prioritize, organize, and nutritionalize your kitchen, I promise-you will want to spend more time in it!


  • I would love to prepare appetizers, sides, entrees, desserts or even fresh juices for an upcoming event! Contact me and we can discuss specifics and plan to host the best nutritious party around.
"The MacaReena Juice" I prepared for a 30th Birthday Brunch party hosted by Tina Cable at Myuz Artistry.

"The MacaReena Juice" I prepared for a 30th Birthday Brunch party hosted by Tina Cable at Myuz Artistry.

The prices for my services vary depending on whether or not you are interested in one or multiple services. Package deals are encouraged and can provide you with the best bang for your buck. For questions on any of my listed services or any other business inquiries you may have, please contact me at I look forward to working with you!