Welcome to my playhouse of passion! I have several fun categories for you to explore that relate to all aspects of health and wellness. Join me in learning and practicing how to live life to it's fullest potential.

Read interviews and stories from others who have inspired me to live life with an open mind and an open heart. This category features really awesome people with amazing and courageous stories that go far beyond food. Let yourselves be enlightened and read on.
Do-it-yourself projects are the best way to feel like a bad ass Craft Master and hey, it saves you some money in the end as well. From replicating your pricy, store bought favourites to creating your own beauty care products-I have got you covered. D.I.Y goodies also make terrific gifts...
This section features articles written by yours truly. I will cover all the bases of a healthy lifestyle. In this category I will be sharing different articles on lifestyle tips, beauty care routines, physical and mental health, food tips, and cultural super foods.
What I eventually hope to come of this section is to create a widespread forum that you can rely on to inform you of all things health and wellness related in our beloved city. I want this section of my site to be devoted to blogging about Winnipeg Wellness-HOW and WHERE to achieve it.
Sometimes I think I prefer drinking my calories rather than eating them...Here you find an array of delicious and nutritious bevy’s for your liquid loving selves. I have got everything from cozy in a cup recipes to light, plantiful juices and hunger satisfying smoothies.
I mean, that is why you came to visit in the first place, is it not?! Browse through all things edible that have been posted.
I have kindly isolated all the dairy free, grain free, and legume free entries for all of my primal eating pals.
If you rock the Meatless Monday lifestyle every day of the week-this domain is for you.
Welcome to the brightest and most plantiful section. You will especially find an abundance of vegan baked goods and treats here ;)